Thank You, ‘New American Leaders.’

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Dear New American Leaders Team,

Starting a new internship can be an arduous task; meeting new coworkers, establishing good first impressions and acclimating oneself into a new work setting, all of it can feel daunting. However, my first day at ‘New American Leaders’ (NAL) was the complete opposite. I was welcomed into your space with open arms and treated as one of your equals.

I have relished the opportunity, no matter how short, to be a part of an organization leading the fight to change how our democracy functions radically. An organization that leads with its ideals and doesn’t compromise them for anything. It’s been fun, collaborative, and most importantly, rewarding to work with individuals who are passionate about what they do. I have no doubts that NAL will be the leader on how to fundamentally make a change for a more democratic society.

I have always thought about making a run for public office and even though it’s something that can’t happen until I graduate, my time here at NAL has confirmed what I already knew to be true. If I have the right network of people and support, I can run, and I can win. This is not the end, but a new beginning and I will, wholeheartedly, miss coming into the city to work with a fantastic organization and great people.

Sincerely, from a future candidate,

Samuel M. Tuero

I love politics & movies.